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What is this about?

Hi Folks!
I’m Kaydee and I write AuntyKaydee.com. I am non judgemental, patient and what’s more… A relationship enthusiast!
The purpose of AuntyKaydee.com is to discuss the issues we face on a regular basis in our dating / relationships, and also to share some good practices. No BS, no step by step guidelines, no fictions or movie stuff, just downright honest opinion on real life expectations.
The idea is to open a platform where we all get a chance to share our opinion on a certain topic on a weekly basis. I pick a topic, I write about it and you folks have a chance to share your view either based on personal experience or just pure knowledge and also ask questions. Also, there is a discussion board for a wider range of topics which will be opened just to be discussed by everyone.
There is a lot to consider on knowing the right person to talk to about our day to day dating / relationship concerns. AuntyKaydee is always open for any Ifs or maybes, feel free to suggest a topic to be written about or simply a topic to be discussed on the discussion board, or contact me directly using the details below to get a more personalised advice.