Sexsexsex1Let’s talk about sex baby! I just knew this is the topic to launch with, not just because it’s a dating and relationship blog or its valentine’s day, but also because I feel we do not talk enough about sex. The challenges, the concerns, the fun, the “awesomeness” the dirty, ditzy little details, heck some of us even shy away from the topic. I sometimes see a pregnant lady and I think…OMG! Did you have sex? YOU?

Let’s start with the married folks- you hear all sorts of rules and regulations in the bedroom department, all sorts of routine & plan- most of these are impractical but heck! They make it work- as long as it stops them from having a regular “cookie nookie”.
It’s almost like we make every other thing more important than this amazing exercise which has lots of benefits. Shall we start from the health benefits?, A report by NHS UK in June 2014 shows that sex is good for the heart “sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher and the number of heart beats per minute reaches its peak during orgasm”, regular sex exercises your heart, and anything that exercises your heart is good for you.
Also, sex can be a stress buster…so….breathe- let it go! Let it flow!
A research in Pennsylvania found that there is a link between how often you have sex and how strong your immune system is. During this research, students who had sex regularly had higher levels of an important illness-fighting substance called Immunoglobulin A (lga) in their bodies- so, no excuse not to get your groovy on- go on! It’s only good for you.

Now let’s talk about the intellectual benefits, dare I say a couple with a good sex life stand better chances of lasting forever? Well, yes I said it and it’s a fact. You see those 80something years’ old looking couple still walking hand in hand whenever you spot them on the pavement? Well they didn’t get there by just talking to each other for all that countless married life.
A fun sex life gives you something to always look forward to, something to keep your brain going- need I say you will never wanna stay mad at your partner for long if you know what you’ll be missing- and if you want to look at it from this angle- practice makes perfect! How would you be that awesome lover if you never get or give yourself a chance to practice your “new skill”?

For the single/dating folks, there is an excuse of being single and searching for that wonderful person, but the excuse does not extend to the folks in a relationship, it’s understandable if you would want to keep it until you get married…ooooh- all the more exciting, but there is no crime in talking about it, discuss each others’ sexual desires, see if you match each other in that department, you don’t want to be shocked that your partner is Mr/Mrs missionary and you want to be a different character in bed- hmm- that won’t be an easy transition- in a case where you have a different sexual orientation, you can always lecture each other on a fun kinky way to meet each other half-way, it will only make the ride a lot smoother after marriage *wink*.
My point is, don’t be the boring partner in your marriage, and don’t be the so-called “head-ache” faker. No excuse is enough to postpone that amazing sex position you would like to try- when you are stuck for a present, give the gift of some sweet sweet loving!

Now over to you folks, what do you think?
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