Dont-rush-Never-settle.jpg- Informative quotesVery interesting saying- it’s funny how it (better late than never) can be used in so many context- the first time It was ever used at me was when I had to submit a coursework at uni and I missed the deadline- I went to speak to the tutor- and he said I could still hand in the coursework- although I will lose some points for lateness but I will at least get some points as its “better late than never”.

Now, how can we apply this concept to dating? As compared to my course-work, there Is no stated deadline to meet and settle with the right partner- If anything, there are only deadlines we have set for ourselves or ones we have subjected ourselves to due to the society or our peers. Unnecessary pressure makes us come across as desperate when finding the right partner- in most cases, a person who rushes into a marriage or relationship might end up having no choice but to rush back out- back to square one again.

I am a big believer in the saying that there is a ying for every yang- It just takes patience, knowing your self-worth and being realistic as to what you are looking for. Putting too much pressure on yourself while single oozes desperation. In women especially, Men can sense the desperation a mile away- an in men too- it’s never easy dealing with a woman if she knows you are desperate because she will treat you with a little respect as she can.

Now, what to do during this “waiting time”- how about spend some time looking after yourself- making yourself a better person, sourcing and maintaining happiness from within- no one will ever want to settle with a sad pathetic person- so why not spend this time to do some grooming and put yourself in a good place where you will be more appreciated by a potential partner? At these period, we spend too much time drowning in our sorrows of being single and ultimately becoming desperate to jump at the next person who comes along. There is absolutely nothing wrong about being single while waiting for the right person (refer to my post on an ideal partner)- most people are more interested in being married than being happy- it’s almost like seeing a ditch and stepping your foot into it.

My point is, be late, be fashionably late- it’s much better to take your time reasonably than rush into a union which might leave a scar in your life forever- “All my mates are married or in a serious relationship”- that is not an excuse to summon yourself into a dead-end relationship- in some cases, you are probably in a better place than some of these married mates- marriage is not a bed of roses- but I have to say-  being with the right person makes the journey much easier.

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Now over to you folks-if you are single- how do you spend those “lonely” nights? – And if you are married- how was your single days? – What did you do at times to enjoy the period? – share some tips, interesting and funny stories.