Better halfIt’s being almost a week since my last post, So many things to write about, so many ideas & topics. I have decided to go with this topic or rather this million dollar question where almost every person in a marriage or a relationship answers yes to, well, only a handful would say no, my partner is.

So, what makes anyone the better half? Is it fair to say the better half is the one who holds the relationship together? the patient one who is always on the receiving end of all the crap that happens in the relationship? The ever so understanding one who accepts everything and will bend backwards just to make things work out? Yes, No?  See, it’s hard to say unless you are this person in your relationship. So now, ask yourself again, are you the better half?

A healthy relationship is one with plenty of patient, understanding and compromises. However, having one party who is more understanding than the other is inevitable because as individuals, our level of patience is never the same. The idea is to always aim at being the better half of your marriage or relationship. This is not a competition between you two. Imagine if both parties are understanding, patient and determined to make the relationship stay strong and healthy, then there will be no such thing as a better half since both parties will pull the same or similar weight. You will be surprised at how much positive impact spending some time on being a good person yourself will have on your marriage or relationship. Forgiveness is one of the attributes which most relationships actually lack. No one is perfect and if we hold things against each other, it’s like a pressing a pause button in the relationship which makes it hard to move ahead. Learn to forgive and move on. In most cases, it’s not worth the time and effort put into keeping grudges against your partner, what you are doing is actually wasting precious time that can be spent creating good memories.

My point is we should all make an effort to be the better half in our relationship, imagine a relationship or marriage with two amazing halves.

Photo credit: Pinterest- Amanda powers


Now over to you folks, do you think you are the better half in your marriage or relationship? If yes, why do you think so? If not- why do you think so and what do you wanna change?