Communication is one of the pillars of a strong relationship. Communicating your feelings, emotions, points and even your mindset helps your partner know you better which helps to deal with any situation the best way possible. Good communication makes the relationship much easier and it even draws the couple closer. Remember, this person is your best friend- so why not talk to them about everything and anything?

Every couple have a unique way of communicating, I watched a movie recently and in this movie, every time the couple had a misunderstanding, to completely clear the air, the husband picks up the wife, well- she hesitates if she isn’t happy with the outcome of the argument and he, on the other hand doesn’t attempt to pick her up if vice versa. The point of this is that, they seem to have a little way of telling each other if the air is now completely clear and they can both carry on as normal, this way- they know if there are still some clarifications required and no one keeps any grudges against each other. Taking some time to study your partner and knowing what they do when they are angry, emotional, happy, horny etc will only help to ease up communication between you two. Notice the high pitch tone she uses to say I’m ok, when she is not ok or how he smiles and keeps quiet when he is angry.

Always remember your partner is not there to read your mind, ends why you should always be calm to discuss any situation and not attack assuming they “should have known better”. If you attack anyone, there are chances they will attack you back, its’ just basic human instincts, at this point it won’t matter who was actually wrong or right. Always remember that the goal of an effective communication should be mutual understanding and finding a solution that pleases both parties, not ‘winning’ the argument or ‘being right’. Don’t forget that it’s important to remain respectful of the other person even if you don’t like their actions. In most cases, what they did made perfect sense to them and they will only apologise if you properly let them understand how this has offended you and if you give them the chance to. At all times, never forget that this is the person you love.

Finding a nice fun way to pass your message across is also very important, Communication is not only for when there is something that needs to be resolved. Feelings such as appreciation, love and affection must also be communicated to your partner. Buying them a present or simply an act of goodwill towards them is all you need sometimes to remind your partner of how much you care. A little always goes a long way especially if it is unexpected.

In order to grow a strong bond in your relationship, it is very important to find a communication skill that works for you as a couple. If you do not say it, then the situation remains the same and it will never get known. The other person is not a mind reader and even if in some cases, after talking to your partner, they might not adjust or yield to your expectations, you will be rest assured that they know exactly where you stand.

Have you created any interesting ways of communicating with your partner? Or do you have any fun ways of showing your feelings? How has this helped your relationship?  Tell us- share some good practice!